Pet Courier and Animal Transport Services

We understand that there is a lot to organise when relocating with your pets or family. Whichever UK airport your pet needs delivering to or collecting from, our trusted pet courier services makes relocating animals easy and safe.

International Pet Travel

Alternatively, if you need to transport your pet abroad, the animal courier will deliver your pet in the same comfortable vehicle to the departure airport well before check-in. Your pet will be passed over to the correct airport team to begin their journey overseas.

If you are travelling at the same time, or will be on the same flight as your pet, we can make arrangements to transport passengers and any luggage to any UK location or airport.

Animal Courier UK

Our expert animal couriers can collect your beloved companion from any airport in the UK. If you are moving to the UK, the courier will arrive in their specialised and air-conditioned animal transportation unit and make your pet feel thoroughly comfortable. Then, they will make the journey to your new place of residence, making sure your pet is happy and relaxed throughout the journey.

Pet Transportation to the UK

If you are returning to the UK, our pet courier service can also be used. We will arrive at the airport, pick your pet up and ensure they are comfortable, and then deliver them to your home.

The Benefits of Using an Animal Courier

All of our drivers are animal lovers and pet owners themselves. They are not only experienced in handling animals great and small, but are also DEFRA approved and fully insured. We know that transporting your pet can be nerve wracking, but your companion will receive all the care and attention they need whilst in our care. Check out some of the great benefits of utilising our expert pet transport service below:

  • Less stress – we can help reduce the anxiety associate with moving for both you and your pet
  • No more confusion – airline regulations, import requirements and flight options can be very confusing. At PBS, we take this headache away and will help arrange everything for you
  • In safe hands – having your pet out of site and out of your control can be distressing. Every courier at PBS loves animals and they will receive unmatched care
  • Save time – let us take some of the administration away so you can concentrate on your upcoming move

Whatever the journey, whatever the time and whatever the animal, our experienced and friendly drivers will deliver unparalleled service.

Contact us now on +44 (0)1293551140* or fill our online enquiry form and we’ll get straight back to you!

“From start to finish Emelye has been extremely professional and made the process clear and very personal...”
5 stars
“Eva and I wanted to sincerely thank each of you for assistance through every step of the way...””
5 stars
“Thank you so much for making our move as stress-free as possible...””
5 stars
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