Pet Relocation Hong Kong

As a popular expat destination, Hong Kong sees many pets arriving at its airports on a daily basis. Taking your dog, cat and other pets to Hong Kong, as you would expect, comes with quite a few stringent guidelines and regulations. However, in this current and regularly updated pet travel guide, you will find all the information and direction you need to help you with successfully relocating your pet to Hong Kong.

Whilst some of the regulations are specific to the country, there are other standard requirements that are fairly commonplace for pet travel to most other counties. To ensure your dog or cat is eligible, they will need to have been implanted with a microchip by an ISO (International Standards Organisation) or AVID approved standards. Your pet will also need to have been seen by a government approved vet, no more than 2 weeks prior to travel.

If you have or are soon to get a puppy or kitten, you will have to wait until they are over 60 days of age to be eligible for transport.

Animal Health Certificate Hong Kong

In order for your pet to travel to and be accepted into Hong Kong, your pet will require a DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) export health certificate. The permit provides confirmation that your pet has received all the required vaccinations and is free from any infectious diseases.

PBS Travel understands and appreciates that these processes can be laborious and time-consuming and is why we provide the service of applying for your pet’s export health certification free of charge to our customers.

Immunisations for Hong Kong

To enable your dog or cat to receive and qualify for the relevant health certification and permits for travel to Hong Kong, they will need to receive the mandatory vaccinations. These inoculations must be administered between 10 days and 12 months prior to travel to ensure that your pet’s immune system has built up enough protection against these potentially harmful and life-threatening diseases.

Cat Vaccinations

Your cat must receive the following immunisations to qualify for export.

  • Feline panleukopenia
  • Feline respiratory disease complex

Dog Vaccinations

Dog’s over 12 weeks of age travelling to Hong Kong, require these injections for transport.

  • Canine distemper virus
  • Infectious canine hepatitis
  • Canine parvovirus

When your dog arrives in Hong Kong, they will also receive a further injection which is to immunise against rabies. This is applicable regardless of previous rabies vaccinations so do not let this formality worry you.

Puppy Vaccinations

Diseases that your puppy will need to be vaccinated against are the same as for adult dogs. However, if your puppy is under 12 weeks of age at the time of vaccination, it of vital importance that they receive the UK licensed version that is specifically for use for young puppies under 12 weeks of age.

Pet’s need to have been residing in the UK since birth or 180 days prior to export in order for them not to require the addition of a Rabies vaccination.

Hong Kong Pet Transit Permit

In addition to your pet being eligible for the export paperwork, you will also need to obtain an import permit for them, which is issued by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation in Hong Kong. As with the export certificate, PBS pet travel specialists can easily take care of this on your behalf, if you wish.

Pet Flights to Hong Kong

There are few airlines offering pet travel to Hong Kong from the UK. Cathay Pacific is one of the main airlines that offer direct flights from the UK to Hong Kong, which is recommended for pet travel to minimise stress and disruption to your beloved pet.

As Cathay Pacific’s preferred agents for pet travel to Hong Kong, PBS Travel has a wealth of knowledge and experience on all available routes, options and specific flight restrictions.

Breed and Other Restrictions

Like many other countries, Hong Kong has some import restrictions on certain dog breeds being allowed into the country. This is because of these breeds being considered dangerous.

  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brazileiro
  • Any Pit Bull Terrier Types
  • Any crosses of the above breeds

There are also restrictions on brachycephalic breeds of cat and dog, due to them being at a higher risk of suffering breathing difficulties during transit.

Hong Kong also restricts pregnant dogs from travelling unless they are under 4 weeks pregnant.

Support for Pet Travel Hong Kong

As specialists and experts for pet travel from the UK to Hong Kong, if you need any further information, guidance or support to make the process as easy as possible for you, please do contact us on +44 (0)1293 551140 or send us a message via our online form or to our email address We can assist with all aspects of Hong Kong pet travel, including necessary permits and customs clearance on arrival. Working closely with a number of boarding facilities and IATA approved agents, your pet can be placed in safe hands on arrival at the airport.


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