Taking Pets to Canada

With Canada being an extremely popular emigration destination for UK citizens, as you might expect, Canadian airports see their fair share of imported pets each day. With lots of direct non-stop flights from the UK to Canada, you can relax and expect a relatively smooth transit for your pet.

In this guide, you will find the most relevant and up to date guidelines on how to successfully transport your pets to Canada.  Of course, we are always just a call away to answer more specific questions you have.

Pet Export UK to Canada

As with most other countries, your pets will need to meet the import requirements, to be accepted into Canada. However, compared to others, the requirements are quite simple. The only exception is if you are transporting a kitten less than 3 months of age, as they are exempt from import requirements.

One of the standards essential for all pet transport is that your pet carrier meets the guidelines set by the International Air Transport Association. These requirements are to ensure the health and safety of both your pet and those involved in the transit of it.

Pet Vaccinations Canada

Animals coming into Canada do not have to enter quarantine, but they must meet certain health regulations. Animals which enter Canada without the correct paperwork will either be vaccinated at the border or returned to their country of origin. Therefore, it is important to have all the essential paperwork when taking a pet to Canada. The only pets which can enter Canada without any paperwork are assistance and service dogs with their owner.

Taking Dogs to Canada

Dogs arriving in Canada are categorised into being from a rabies free country or a country with rabies. Rabies-free countries include the likes of Japan, the UK, Finland, Australia and New Zealand. Dogs under 12 weeks from these countries do not need any vaccinations, whereas older dogs will simply need a certificate from their vet as confirmation.

Dog imported as personal pets do not require a microchip identification. If the dog is under 8 months of age and being imported under a commercial category or for adoption, they must be microchipped.

Prohibited dog breeds in Canada include any pit bull type breed. As this is the same restriction as the UK, this should not pose any problems.

Canadian Airport Inspection

On arrival in Canada, your pet’s importation documentation will be inspected by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and a visual inspection will be carried out to ensure there are no signs of illness.

Paperwork for Taking Dogs and Cats to Canada

If your pet doesn’t have a rabies vaccination, they can have a DEFRA export certificate which confirms that your pet is coming from a rabies free country. However, Canada is not rabies free, so it is recommended that your pets (excluding dogs under 3 months of age) are vaccinated against this disease.

Other Pets

If you are looking to import pets other than dogs and cats to Canada, there are varying requirements depending on the species and province of residence. For example, domestic rabbits and ferrets are subject to permits and quarantine. Whereas, pet reptiles or amphibians (excluding tortoises and turtles) do not require border inspection, permits etc. To obtain the most accurate information in relation to your specific pet travel requirements, contact one of our pet travel experts.

Expert Support for Pet Travel to Canada

As pet travel goes, Canada is one of the more straightforward processes. However, if there is any further details, advice or questions you would have in relation to transporting your pet from the UK to Canada, we are here to support you. Simply contact one of our Canadian pet travel specialists via our online form, sending an email to info@pbspettravel.co.uk or calling us on +44(0)1293 551140.

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