Pet Couriers UK

PBS understands that there is a lot to organize when relocating with your pets and family -especially on the morning of travel!Which is why we offer a “Pet Courier Service”. PBS can arrange to collect your beloved companions from anywhere within the UK in our specialized, air conditioned animal transportation units and deliver to the departure airport in time for check-in.

Pet Couriers

If you are on the same flight as your pet or travelling at the same time, we can even make arrangements to transport passengers, their pets AND their luggage from and to the various drop-off and collection points at the airport with our pet courier service.

Animal Couriers

In addition to transport prior to travel, we can also arrange to collect animals upon arrival in the UK and deliver to their new residence and for nervous flyers, we can offer both long and short distance ground transport with regular stop offs for exercise and toilet breaks.
So whatever the journey, whatever the time, our experienced and friendly drivers will be more than happy to assist.


Please contact us on 01293 551140 or at for further details on pet couriers.

“From start to finish Emelye has been extremely professional and made the process clear and very personal...”
5 stars
“Eva and I wanted to sincerely thank each of you for assistance through every step of the way...””
5 stars
“Thank you so much for making our move as stress-free as possible...””
5 stars
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